Best friends of 20 years buy plot of land and build tiny town so they can vacation and retire together

A tight-knit group of four couples sought solace from urban chaos by constructing a cluster of tiny vacation homes for their retirement dreams. Nestled near Llano River, this eco-friendly haven promised refuge for the Austin-based friends. Fred Zipp, one of the group, reminisced, “When we first looked at it, it was not really that inviting.” Yet, the allure of the wild buffalo and the serene landscape captivated them.

Originally planning a shared residence, they pivoted towards individual cabins, with communal spaces. Architect Matt Garcia’s vision aligned perfectly. Each cozy 350-square-foot cabin boasted essentials and eco-conscious features. Rainwater collection and thermal insulation combated the harsh Texan climate.

Their communal hub, a spacious 1,500-square-foot cabin, embodied their shared vision. Garcia’s design ethos of warmth and functionality permeated every aspect. Dubbed “Llano Exit Strategy,” the enclave is both a sanctuary and an income source, rented out to curious vacationers.

Online reactions varied from admiration to skepticism. While some praised their solidarity, others doubted the longevity of their friendships. Regardless, this community stands as a testament to the enduring power of shared dreams and camaraderie.