Betty White’s assistant pays tribute to the late actress with “one of the last” photos taken of her

Betty White: An Icon and a Legend

Betty White, the legendary actress known for her roles in The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Golden Girls, left an indelible mark on the film industry. Her talent and positive outlook on life endeared her to millions.

A Journey of Success and Love

Betty’s role as Sue Ann Nivens won her two Emmy Awards, surprising those who underestimated her acting abilities. Her true love was her husband, Allen Ludden, though they almost missed their chance to be together.

A Life Well Lived

Betty embraced life fully but passed away just shy of her 100th birthday. Her assistant shared a radiant photo of her, showing her happiness till the end. Betty’s legacy as an actress and a beacon of positivity will forever be remembered.
Rest in peace, Betty White. You are dearly missed.

One of the last photos of Betty White. Photo: Facebook/Bettymwhite