Bob Barker’s Longtime Girlfriend Provides an Update on the Legendary Game Show Host

Legendary game show host Bob Barker celebrated his 99th birthday. His girlfriend, Nancy Burnet, revealed that despite his age, Barker is in excellent health, taking only one prescription medication for his thyroid.

Burnet attributes his good health to his decision to go vegan at her request nearly 20 years ago. She clarified that the vegan diet complements his meals rather than replacing them.

The couple had a simple and quiet celebration at home with cake to mark another year around the sun.

Barker, who retired in 2007 after hosting The Price Is Right for 35 years, still cherishes his hosting days and attributes part of his success to his unwavering passion for the job.

Bob Barker continues to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life, surrounded by the love and support of his partner and fans as he turns 99. Happy birthday, Bob Barker!