Brad Pitt, 60, Is Preparing To Marry His First Serious Girlfriend After a Devastating Divorce, And You Might Know Her

Brad Pitt, the famous actor, is getting ready to marry his girlfriend, Ines de Ramon, after a tough divorce from Angelina Jolie. Even though Brad and Angelina are still talked about, Brad is moving on to a new chapter with Ines.

Brad and Angelina had a rough split that left Brad hurt. They fell in love while filming “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” and their relationship became a big deal in the media. But things went downhill, leading to their divorce in 2016. Angelina asked for full custody of their six kids.

Ines de Ramon, a jewelry designer, has been with Brad for about a year and a half. She’s his first serious relationship since the divorce from Angelina. People close to Brad say he’s really happy with Ines. He even calls her his girlfriend and celebrated his 60th birthday with her and friends.

Brad wants to marry Ines, but he’s being cautious because his divorce from Angelina was expensive and painful. Negotiating with Angelina has been tough and costly. Brad doesn’t want to go through another messy divorce. He’s hoping to start fresh with Ines.

Some people wonder if Brad will really marry again after what he went through with Angelina. It’s a big decision for him, considering the challenges he faced in his previous marriage. Brad’s hoping for a happier ending this time around.