Brad Pitt Finds New Love After Heartbreaking Divorce At 60, And You Might Recognize Her

Brad Pitt, once Earth’s most eligible bachelor, has found love post-divorce. His romance with Ines de Ramon has been public knowledge, with plans for a low-key 60th birthday celebration. PEOPLE reports Pitt’s commitment to De Ramon, introducing her as his girlfriend.

Described as Brad’s “first proper relationship since the divorce” from Angelina Jolie, Ines de Ramon brings him happiness. Their romance contrasts with Pitt’s tumultuous split from Jolie in 2016, famously dubbed ‘Brangelina.’ Recent headlines, like son Pax’s criticisms, hint at past turbulence.

Jolie’s email, made public, referenced incidents surrounding Pitt’s behavior, indicating the challenges he faced. Despite this, Pitt appears to embrace a new chapter with optimism, leaving behind the shadows of his previous marriage for a brighter future with De Ramon.