BRAVE Last Days: How Alan Alda, 87, Is Winning His Fight With Parkinson’s Disease

At 87, showbiz veteran Alan Alda is courageously battling Parkinson’s disease. Despite the condition, Alda maintains a positive outlook, stating, “I shake a little, but I’m good.” He attributes his resilience to regular exercise, including boxing, tennis, juggling, and tai chi. Alda even humorously mentions his penchant for marching to John Philip Sousa’s music.

Additionally, he’s embraced technology and is known as the “world’s oldest millennial” due to his active involvement in computers and social media, including hosting a podcast called “Clear+Vivid.”

Alda’s relentless spirit extends to his acting career. He appears in the Showtime series “Ray Donovan” and plays a warm-hearted lawyer in the movie “Marriage Story.”

Diagnosed with Parkinson’s after experiencing subtle symptoms, Alda encourages others not to succumb to despair but to take action and stay active. He emphasizes that Parkinson’s doesn’t mean the end of life and urges people to keep moving forward.