Breastfeeding Mom Is Furious Nobody Gave Up Their Seat For Her On The Subway

Samantha Holmes, a 29-year-old nurse and mother of two, faced a distressing incident on the London Underground when she had to breastfeed her two-month-old daughter, Celine, while standing on a crowded train during rush hour. Expressing her frustration, Samantha said, “Our daughter had some bad trapped wind, and nothing I was doing was consoling her. So we were standing initially, and I’d expected someone to give me a seat with her being so hysterical.”

Despite clear guidelines and marked priority seats for those in need, no passengers offered their seat to Samantha. In response, she asked her husband to record the incident to raise awareness about the challenges breastfeeding mothers face during public transportation.

Samantha’s experience sheds light on the broader issue of commuter etiquette. A recent study found that only six out of ten commuters would give up their seat for an expectant mother, and one in four admitted to not offering their seat to pregnant women. The study emphasizes the need for increased awareness and empathy among commuters.

Initiatives like the “I’m Expecting” campaign aim to encourage pregnant women to ask for a seat when needed. Samantha’s incident underscores the importance of fostering a community spirit that supports passengers, particularly those in vulnerable situations, and advocates for making public transportation more considerate for everyone.