Bride Is Upset That The Groom Is Stalling The Ceremony. Then He Tells Her To Look In The Balcony

A bride meticulously plans her dream wedding, juggling responsibilities amidst the stress. So when her groom delays the ceremony, she becomes upset—until he directs her gaze to the balcony.

Miss Liz, a theater and dance instructor, adores her students at Jaykays Dance Company. When her boyfriend Ollie proposed, her students celebrated, though they couldn’t attend the wedding.

Unbeknownst to Liz, Ollie arranged a surprise tribute with the Jaykays Dance Company. As they stand at the altar, Ollie gestures to the balcony, where the students perform “A Thousand Years,” leaving Liz in tears.

The wedding videographer praised the children for keeping the surprise secret. The video, posted in April 2017, captures Liz’s emotional reaction.

The surprise meant the world to Liz, highlighting Ollie’s love and effort in organizing it. This heartwarming moment showcases the power of love and thoughtful gestures on a special day.