Bruce Willis in an homage

In a touching homage, Bruce Willis remembers the late Michael Clarke Duncan—a colossus in stature and talent, whose gentle soul touched everyone he met. Duncan, who began his journey in Chicago, broke past his working-class roots through various odd jobs, eventually landing in Hollywood as a bodyguard and, fatefully, into acting.

His breakthrough came as Bear in “Armageddon,” where he met Willis, forming a deep friendship. But it was his role as John Coffey in “The Green Mile” that showcased his emotional range, earning him an Oscar nod and solidifying his Hollywood standing.

Off-screen, Duncan was a beacon of kindness and charity, inspiring all with his dedication to bettering the world around him. Willis, in his eulogy, painted a picture of Duncan as a gentle giant whose legacy outshines the tragedy of his early departure—a legacy that continues to resonate in the industry and among fans, immortalized by a friendship that transcended the screen.