Bruce Willis is no longer ‘totally verbal’ due to dementia, reveals ‘Moonlighting’ creator

Iconic actor Bruce Willis is grappling with dementia, affecting his communication abilities, as shared by his close friend Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator of “Moonlighting.” Caron disclosed to the New York Post that Willis is “not totally verbal” anymore, but he still recognizes Caron during their meetings.

Caron observed a significant shift in Willis, who was once a hidden bookworm but has now ceased reading altogether. He noted that while Bruce’s core identity remains intact, his enthusiasm for life, his “joie de vivre,” has faded. Caron reminisced about their longstanding friendship and collaboration on “Moonlighting” in the late 1980s, highlighting how Willis cherished life and embraced each day.

In 2022, Willis retired from acting due to an aphasia diagnosis, a language skill disorder. This year, the family disclosed his progression to dementia. Willis’s spouse, Emma Heming Willis, stressed the impact of dementia on both the diagnosed individual and their family, calling it a “family disease” during an appearance on the Today show.