Bullied Teen Loses 132 lbs Before School Dance, Stuns Everyone With Her Transformation

Josie Desgrand, 16, struggled with weight issues and bullying, feeling unhappy and stuck in a cycle of unsuccessful diets and junk food binges. Determined for change, she made a pivotal decision after looking at herself in the mirror, vowing to become “No longer fat Josie.”

Photo Credit: Instagram/nolongerfatjosie

Her journey began with small fitness goals, a low-carb diet, and increased water intake. Supported by her father, Mark, their shared competitiveness motivated them both.

Joining Instagram as @nolongerfatjosie, Josie shared her progress and meals, gaining a supportive global following. The encouragement and accountability from her followers fueled her determination to continue.

Photo Credit: Instagram/nolongerfatjosie

As her weight dropped from 127kgs to 63kgs, she felt a new sense of happiness. At 18, she stunned everyone with her transformation, fitting into a tight dress that showcased her new curves.

Empowered by her experience, Josie wants to help others regain confidence. She plans to write a book about her journey, aiming to inspire others to achieve their own transformations.

Photo Credit: Instagram/nolongerfatjosie

Josie’s story is a testament to the power of setting small goals, finding supportive communities, and staying committed to personal growth.