Can you guess what these strange objects are?

Reddit users have recently shared images of mysterious objects that have puzzled many online. Let’s explore these enigmatic items:

A silver metal spring with pink plastic ends initially confused viewers but was later revealed to be a hair removal device that plucks hair from the root, similar to tweezers.

A glass object with a suggestive appearance turned out to be a neon light support, not what users initially assumed.

A leather paddle-like tool with a strap around the hand was identified as a self-defense tool called a Blackjack.

A small metal crown, silver-plated and 3.2 inches high, was recognized as a spoon holder that attaches to the edge of a bowl.

A padded satin cloth with ribbon ties raised questions about its purpose, but it’s actually a hanger cover for wooden coat hangers to prevent items from slipping off.

These peculiar items have sparked curiosity and confusion among internet users, showcasing how appearances can be deceiving. Have you been able to figure out the purpose of any of these objects?