Candace Cameron Bure celebrates oldest son Lev’s wedding: ‘My heart is full’

In a heartwarming announcement, Candace Cameron Bure shared the delightful news that her oldest son, Lev Bure, 23, has recently embarked on the journey of marital bliss with his bride, Elliott Dunham. The actress and proud mother expressed her joy through a series of photos capturing the magical moments from the ceremony.

Candace couldn’t contain her excitement as she welcomed Elliott into the Bure family, referring to her as a “beautiful daughter” and expressing gratitude for gaining a wonderful family to share life’s joys. The actress poured out her emotions, saying, “I have an overwhelming sense of love, joy, peace, and contentment thanks to God’s blessing of family and friendship. My heart is so full.”

The celebration was a perfect blend of heartfelt conversations, delicious meals, uplifting speeches, toasts, laughter, and lively dancing. Candace, overflowing with happiness, exclaimed, “What a glorious day!!!! This mama is over the moon HAPPY!!!! Congratulations to Lev and Elliott Bure!!!!!!”

Lev’s sister, Natasha Bure, 25, echoed the sentiments of joy and gratitude. Sharing glimpses from the special day, she expressed feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and thankfulness for witnessing the union of two incredible individuals. Natasha also conveyed her excitement about gaining a sister she adores and looked forward to forever celebrating the love between Lev and Elliott.