Candace Cameron Bure’s Son Marries in a ‘Breathtaking’ Ceremony: Photos Make Fans Cry

Candace Cameron Bure’s eldest son, Lev Bure, recently exchanged vows with his bride, Elliott, in a stunning garden wedding at Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley. The joyous occasion was captured by guests who shared photos and videos online, offering a glimpse into the couple’s special day.

Lev, dressed in a sharp black suit, and Elliott, stunning in a thigh-high slit strapless gown, opted for a minimalist garden setup adorned with white roses. The black-clad entourage added to the elegance, creating a beautiful contrast. The celebration continued indoors, where guests danced the night away.

Candace, visibly overjoyed, shared a special dance and a kiss on the cheek with her son during the reception. Expressing her excitement earlier, she highlighted the significance of the whole family coming together for the event.

Elliott shared moments from the wedding on Instagram, evoking emotional reactions from followers. Comments ranged from describing the bride as the “most beautiful ever” to expressions of being moved to tears.

Reflecting on Lev’s previous engagement, Candace emphasized the amicable nature of the separation, indicating her support for his decisions in relationships. Lev’s life, including his studies at Liberty University and involvement in the family business, occasionally surfaces in public discussions, showcasing a glimpse into his world.