Captivating Depiction Of Jesus By 8-Year-Old Artist – Claiming A Glimpse Of The True Face Of Jesus

Akiane Kramarik, now 28, gained fame as a child artist with her masterpiece, “Prince of Peace,” a depiction of Jesus. Her upbringing in an Idaho town didn’t revolve around religion, but she started having dreams and visions about God. Akiane’s mother, Forelli, confirmed these experiences as genuine and not influenced by external factors.

Akiane’s divine painting stemmed from a dream she had in childhood, where she sought a model to portray Jesus accurately. Through prayer, they found a carpenter resembling Jesus, inspiring her to create “Prince of Peace.” The painting was stolen during an exhibition but later returned to Akiane.

She sold it to a private collector for $850,000, but in 2019, the painting resurfaced. The new custodians aim to preserve it for future generations. Akiane expressed her astonishment and gratitude, saying, “Love possesses incredible power. It unfailingly appears right on time for those who need it most.”

Currently, an exhibition titled “Akiane: The Early Years” featuring “Prince of Peace” is at the Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, TX. Akiane’s extraordinary talent continues to captivate people, regardless of their faith.