Carrie Underwood’s tragedy is sad beyond words.

Carrie Underwood, the beloved American Idol winner and country music sensation, has enjoyed immense success over her career, with seven Grammy Awards and five CMT Artist of the Year titles to her name. Her stardom even earned her a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and she’s sold over 60 million albums. Married to former hockey player Mike Fisher, the couple shares two sons, Isaiah and Jacob. Despite her public smiles, Underwood has faced her share of hardships, both in the limelight and her personal life.

In 2017, a shocking incident occurred when she passed out on her Nashville stairs. Though she initially kept it quiet, she later revealed, “I hurt my face and shattered my hand.” The surgery following the accident was intense, with the surgeon stitching “between 40 and 50 areas.” Reflecting on the ordeal, Underwood said, “I am grateful that it wasn’t much, much worse.”

Carrie Underwood’s life story reminds us that even the brightest stars endure challenging moments.