Celine Dion’s devastating health update was published in her new living arrangement with her sister.

Celine Dion’s ongoing battle with stiff person syndrome has taken a toll on her health, but she’s finding solace in her $1.2 million Las Vegas home, where she lives with her three sons. Her sister, Claudette Dion, provides updates on her journey, highlighting Celine’s unwavering determination to overcome this rare neurological condition.

Claudette shared that Celine is actively researching treatments and spending significant time on her well-being, emphasizing the importance of rest. Despite her relentless pursuit of excellence, Claudette believes it’s crucial to heed the signals from one’s heart and body.

Stiff person syndrome, more common in women, causes muscle rigidity triggered by external factors like sound and touch. Celine’s battle with the disorder led to the postponement of her Las Vegas shows and North American tour in 2021 and 2022.

However, Celine continues to inspire hope, contributing her vocals to the romantic comedy “Love Again” and maintaining her commitment to recovery. Claudette assures everyone that Celine’s story will not end in despair, and they have unwavering faith in her eventual victory over this challenging condition.