Cher banned from son Chaz Bono’s wedding amid family feud

Cher faces exclusion from her son Chaz Bono’s wedding amid a reported family rift.

Chaz, born during Cher’s marriage to Sonny Bono and originally named Chastity, underwent a gender transition from female to male between 2008 and 2010.

Despite Cher’s known support for the LGBTQ community, her relationship with Chaz has had its challenges, particularly during the early stages of his transition. Now, as Chaz prepares to marry Shara Blue Mathes, reports suggest he has decided not to invite Cher to the ceremony.

This decision is said to be influenced by ongoing tensions, including a separate dispute involving Cher’s other son, Elijah Allman, and his wife. Sources claim Chaz and his fiancée seek a “simple ceremony” without the potential for “Cher’s theatrics,” highlighting a desire for distance from the drama.

This situation underscores the complexities within their family dynamics, leaving the public pondering the implications of such familial estrangements.