Child Actress From Legendary 1960s Television Show Passes Away

Lisa Loring, famed for playing Wednesday Addams in the original Addams Family TV show, has died at 64 due to smoking and high blood pressure-related complications. Loring suffered a massive stroke, leading her family to take her off life support, according to friend Laure Jacobson.
Loring’s iconic role was the first live portrayal of Wednesday Addams, a character originally from Charles Addams’ cartoons. The show aired in the 1960s, lasting two seasons and 64 episodes. Loring’s performance left a mark on pop culture.

In recent times, Lisa Loring gained attention due to the Netflix series “Wednesday,” where Jenna Ortega stars as the iconic character. Loring’s legacy and contributions to entertainment remain significant.

Loring’s friends and family remember her for her kindness, humor, and the unforgettable portrayal of Wednesday Addams. Despite her youthful role, Loring’s impact on entertainment and her loved ones will persist.