Christopher Reeve’s Son Will Embraces Comparisons To His Late Father, Saying He Takes It “As A Compliment”

Christopher Reeve’s son, Will Reeve, embraces comparisons to his late father, viewing them as compliments. Will, born in 1992, is the youngest of Christopher’s three children. He has chosen to stay out of the Hollywood spotlight and is building a career in sports news. Will’s resemblance to his famous father has been noted, especially his chiseled jawline.

Christopher Reeve, renowned for his iconic role as Superman, tragically became quadriplegic after a 1995 equestrian accident. Despite this, he founded the Christopher Reeve Foundation (later named Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation) to support those with spinal cord injuries.

Will carries on his parents’ legacy by working with the foundation and pursuing his passions, much like his father. He says he takes comparisons to his dad as a compliment and aims to make his parents proud.

Reflecting on his father’s memory, Will wrote a tearful memoir in honor of Father’s Day, emphasizing the importance of discovering one’s own path as the ultimate form of honor.