Clint Eastwood’s ‘true love’ dies at the age of 93 following a ‘brief illness’

Clint Eastwood, the legendary Hollywood actor, is mourning the loss of his longtime love, Roxanne Tunis, who passed away at 93 after a brief illness. Their enduring relationship spanned over 14 years, even overlapping Eastwood’s first marriage. Roxanne Tunis, the mother of Eastwood’s daughter Kimber, shared a profound bond with the actor.

Eastwood and Tunis first met in 1959 while working on the TV show Rawhide but began dating in 1964, during Eastwood’s marriage to his first wife, Maggie Johnson. Their relationship remained a well-kept secret until the birth of their daughter, Kimber, when Clint’s full name was revealed on the birth certificate.

Roxanne Tunis was not interested in Eastwood’s fame or wealth, as per RadarOnline, and had diverse interests, including dancing, acting, meditation, veganism, painting, drawing, and travel. She appeared in several films alongside Eastwood, such as 1968’s Hang ‘Em High.

Clint Eastwood is deeply saddened by her passing, and she will be remembered as one of the greatest loves of his life.