Comedian Gets “Cancelled” After Sending Message To A Six-Year-Old

Comedian Matt Rife faces backlash over comments made during his Netflix special, “Natural Selection.” His jokes about domestic violence and astrology offended many. Rife ridiculed astrology, saying it doesn’t shape one’s destiny, igniting controversy.

A TikToker named Bunny Hedaya, with a 6-year-old son interested in space, responded. Her video featured her son correcting Rife about Saturn having rings, not Jupiter, and remarking on his treatment of women. Bunny clarified her video was lighthearted.

In response, Matt Rife made a comment on Bunny’s son’s Instagram account, suggesting Santa isn’t real and implying Bunny earned money through explicit content, which she denied.

This incident, following criticism of Rife’s Netflix special, raises questions about comedians’ responsibility for their words’ impact, even on children. It shows how social media empowers individuals to call out public figures.