Cops Warn Of Dangerous New Prank That Targets Anyone Who Shops At Walmart

At a Windsor, Connecticut Walmart, shoppers Cheryl and Mel Johnson experienced a terrifying incident. Mel withdrew a cart and quickly removed his hand from the handle, finding it injured by a protruding razor blade. The couple alerted the manager and called the police, leading to an immediate search of all carts in the store; fortunately, no additional razors were discovered.

Police theorize two possibilities for the razor’s placement. One suggestion is a malicious prank. Alternatively, they cited a trend mentioned by Walmart Inc. on where shoplifters use razors to discreetly cut security tags. They usually ensure the blade is non-threatening, implying a degree of caution unexpected from thieves.

Sadly, this isn’t the first such incident. In 2015, Lisa Zimmerman from Dawson, North Dakota had a similar encounter. Given the potential risks, especially to children or from rusty blades, shoppers are urged to check cart handles before using.

The critical question remains: How can retailers like Walmart ensure customer safety from such hazards?