Costco announces major change coming to their popular food court

Starting April 8, 2024, Costco will enforce membership requirements for its food courts. Although the policy isn’t new, it hasn’t been consistently enforced, especially at stores where the food court is outside. However, a sign at a Costco in Orlando, Florida, indicates stricter enforcement.

“Effective April 8, 2024, an active Costco membership card will be required to purchase items from our food court. You can join today. Please see our membership counter for details,” the sign reads.

This move follows Costco’s efforts to prevent non-members from using membership cards to make purchases. In June 2023, Costco began strictly enforcing its membership policy. They stated, “We don’t feel it’s right that non-members receive the same benefits and pricing as our members.”

The impact on those without memberships remains uncertain. The shift has sparked discussions about the fairness of Costco’s actions. Share your thoughts on Facebook.