Couple says restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then reveals the truth

In North Georgia, the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant sparked controversy by allegedly fining customers for “poor parenting” after their children misbehaved. A Reddit user claimed the owner added $50 to their bill due to their children’s behavior, causing an uproar online.

The restaurant’s owner, Tim Richter, clarified that although a COVID-19 surcharge had been implemented, no recent fines for bad behavior were issued. He shared an instance where he warned a family about their unruly children but never actually charged them.

Richter stated, “We want parents to be parents,” reflecting the establishment’s preference for a peaceful dining atmosphere. The policy received mixed reactions from customers; some saw it as a potential motivator for better child discipline, while others, like Federico Gambineri, worried about its fairness.

Regular diner Jack Schneider expressed ambivalence, recognizing the challenge of dining near disruptive children but questioning the surcharge’s appropriateness. This debate highlights differing views on parenting and public behavior management in restaurants.