Cow cries constantly for missing baby, then looks through the fence and loses control

A cow at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary in California, named Karma, endured heart-wrenching separation from her calf. The cow’s cries for her missing baby were constant and heartbreaking. Karma had been rescued from a dire situation on a small farm, but her anguish continued.

Karma’s rescuers noticed her udders were full of milk, indicating recent childbirth, but no one had informed them. They discovered that her calf had been sold for meat and was on its way to a butcher. Fortunately, the calf’s transport vehicle broke down, allowing rescuers to intervene and save him.

Before reuniting mother and calf, they had to calm the distressed baby down. The reunion, once it happened, was heartwarming. Despite being underweight and frightened, the little calf regained his strength and spirit upon seeing his mother again.

The touching moment of their reunion was captured on video, highlighting the efforts of animal lovers who work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of animals like Karma and her calf.