DAD performs a life-saving transplant on his daughter to save her.

In a life-saving act of love, a father came to the rescue of his daughter who suffered from polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a condition that threatened her life. Karen Rhodes and Paul Rybkin had already faced this dire situation with their son, who had only 36 hours to live due to the same disease.

Their second child, Maddy, was born with PKD as well, prompting the desperate parents to seek a solution. After two years of hardship, Maddy’s father became her kidney donor, averting the need for constant medical attention, oxygen treatments, and an enlarged stomach.

Following a successful surgery, Maddy transformed into a healthy and joyful 2-year-old. Paul, while thrilled about saving his child, modestly remarked, “Any father would have made the same decision.” Now, the family looks forward to seeing Maddy grow into a normal adult, despite future predictions of another transplant in 25 years. Their unity and happiness shine as they savor this precious moment.