Dad Runs Into Old Friend, Secretly Takes Paternity Test On Son, 12, Following The ConversationHowever, the OP didn’t know if he should tell his wife what he had found out. Although he was no longer in love with her, he still had love for her and said he knew the news would crush her, too.

A Reddit user recently faced a life-altering revelation that left him distraught. He sought advice from the online community on how to handle this earth-shattering information without crushing his wife.

The original poster (OP) met his wife at 20, and their casual relationship turned serious when she became pregnant. To ensure his child didn’t grow up without a father, he proposed. However, doubts about the child’s paternity lingered.

Deployed in the military shortly after the proposal, he never confronted these doubts. Twelve years later, their marriage had soured, but they stayed together for the sake of their child.

During an encounter with an old friend, the friend casually revealed he had dated the OP’s wife around the time of their meeting. This comment triggered the OP’s insecurities, leading him to secretly perform a home DNA test on his son.

The test results, received on the day of his Reddit post, shattered him, revealing a 0% chance of biological paternity. Despite this, he vowed to continue considering the child his own and support him.

In the midst of this turmoil, the OP grapples with his newfound knowledge, committed to being there for the child he has raised.