Dad saves his daughter’s life by performing a transplant on her.

In a life-saving act, a father rescued his daughter from a dire situation caused by polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Paul Rybkin’s son had only 36 hours to live due to PKD, a condition causing kidney cysts and renal failure. Regrettably, their second child, Maddy, also had PKD. Determined to save her, Paul donated his kidney after two years of searching for a solution.

Maddy faced severe health challenges, needing constant medical care, oxygen, and a breathing tube. Her stomach was swollen, leaving her tired and vomiting. Doctors feared she might not survive without a kidney donor. Fortunately, Paul was a suitable donor.

The surgery was successful, and Maddy is now a healthy, happy 2-year-old. Paul humbly said, “Any father would have made the same decision.” While doctors predict another transplant may be needed in 25 years, the family is cherishing this victory, hoping for a bright future together.