Dad Shares Innocent Photo Of His Son At Beach, Authorities Act Fast After Spotting Small Detail

A family narrowly escaped danger when they unknowingly posed next to an unexploded World War II mine, initially mistaken for a buoy on a beach near Burry Port, Carmarthenshire. The beach was suddenly closed five days later after Carmarthenshire Council rangers identified the object as a 70-year-old bomb. The bomb squad was called in to neutralize it, resulting in a controlled detonation.

During their beach outing, the family was more interested in the barnacles on the object than its true nature. They humorously dismissed it as a buoy and even made a light-hearted comment about it being a “big bomb.” Ms. Gravell, the mother, expressed shock and emphasized their intention to return to the beach with increased caution.

Councillor Meryl Gravell assured the public that appropriate action had been taken, apologizing for any inconvenience caused by the beach closure. This incident serves as a reminder of the hidden dangers that wartime remnants can pose in seemingly peaceful coastal settings, highlighting the importance of caution when encountering unfamiliar objects on the beach.

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