Dad Unrecognizable After Losing Lips And Limbs To Flesh-Eating Bug, Here’s What He Looks Like Now

Alex Lewis, 38, faced a life-altering ordeal that left him unrecognizable. Initially dismissing his symptoms as “man flu” in 2013, he soon found himself in a coma with a three percent chance of survival due to Strep A infection, toxic shock syndrome, septicaemia, and necrotising fasciitis. He spent over six months in the hospital, enduring 18 surgeries.

Photo Credit: Our Life/Youtube

Alex embarked on an arduous journey to recovery, becoming the first person to undergo groundbreaking lip reconstruction. His plastic surgeon, Alexandra Crick, used skin from his shoulder to recreate his lips in a groundbreaking procedure.

Although Alex initially struggled to accept his new appearance, he now embraces his uniqueness and marvels at the regrowth of nerves and muscles in his lips.

Alex has become an advocate for amputees, highlighting the need for better aftercare and more funding for prosthetics. He emphasizes the disparity in funding, with just £400 per person allocated for prosthetics.

Despite his challenges, Alex is determined to shape the future of prosthetics and make a difference. He remains grateful for a second chance at life, describing the past few years as “the most tragic but brilliant” of his life.