Dan Haggerty, Who Played Grizzly Adams

Dan Haggerty, Iconic Grizzly Adams Actor, Dies at 73

Dan Haggerty, renowned for his portrayal of Grizzly Adams in the 1974 film and subsequent TV series, passed away at 73 due to spinal cancer. Initially a stuntman and animal handler, Haggerty took on the role after being asked to reshoot opening scenes for a woodsman and his bear. The film, based on Charles Sellier Jr.’s novel, turned into a success, earning nearly $30 million and sparking a TV adaptation.

In the eco-friendly series, Haggerty’s Adams forged connections with nature and animals, gaining popularity and winning a People’s Choice Award in 1978. The show spawned additional productions, including “Legend of the Wild” and “The Capture of Grizzly Adams.” Haggerty’s amiable portrayal struck a chord with viewers, delivering heartfelt moments in the wilderness.

Born on Nov. 19, 1942, in Los Angeles, Haggerty had a tumultuous childhood and later embraced acting. Despite early roles in films like “Muscle Beach Party” (1964), he found enduring fame as Grizzly Adams. Haggerty’s later career included roles in outdoor-themed movies and appearances in horror films. His life saw challenges, from a fiery incident with his famous beard to a legal issue involving drug-related charges in 1985.

Despite personal struggles, Haggerty’s legacy endures through his iconic role, leaving an indelible mark on the world of television and film.