Danny Trejo needs your prayers.

Danny Trejo, known for his role as the intimidating Tortuga in “Breaking Bad,” has opened up about his private battle with liver cancer.

Despite the serious nature of his condition, Trejo humorously shared, “I had to listen to [my secretary] whine like a little girl,” highlighting his effort to keep the struggle from his loved ones and the public to protect his career.

The actor, while promoting his natural erection aid product, Giddy, revealed his fear of medication due to his liver issues, saying, “I’m afraid to death of taking too many medications… I actually overcame liver cancer so I don’t want to start putting anything in there.”

His treatment involved selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT), where doctors injected radioactive beads directly into his tumor, avoiding chemotherapy due to the tumor’s size. Remarkably, after six months and several treatments, Trejo was declared cancer-free.

Despite the fear of jeopardizing his acting career and the need to maintain appearances, Trejo’s experience sheds light on the private struggles of public figures and the personal victories against serious health challenges.