Dark-Skinned Dad Demands a DNA Test on Pale Baby as She Didn’t Look Like Him & His Sons

A 24-year-old woman faced a troubling situation when her husband insisted on a DNA test for their newborn daughter, who looked nothing like him or their three sons. The husband’s doubts stemmed from the baby’s pale skin, blonde hair, and different eye color compared to his family’s features. The wife shared her predicament on Reddit, seeking advice.

The husband’s suspicion arose due to his wife’s friendship with a male co-worker during her pregnancy. Despite the co-worker’s platonic gestures, her husband couldn’t shake the belief that she had cheated.

Compounding the issue, the husband’s family distanced themselves from the wife, refusing to help with their daughter and making her feel unwelcome. Eventually, the wife agreed to a paternity test, which unexpectedly confirmed the child’s lineage.

The husband apologized and bonded with their daughter, while the wife forgave him. However, she decided to sever ties with his family, giving her husband an ultimatum: move to her home country or divorce. They chose therapy to mend their relationship.

Online opinions varied, with many sympathizing with the woman and questioning the husband’s behavior.

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