Despite the danger: Woman with dwarfism poses proudly with her baby bump on the beach

Charli Worgan, a woman with dwarfism, faces public scrutiny due to her genetic condition. She and her husband Cullen, who also has dwarfism, are parents to two daughters. Charli, now pregnant with their third child, underwent genetic testing.

The possibilities were:

  1. A child of average height.
  2. A child with Charli’s form of dwarfism.
  3. A child with Cullen’s form of dwarfism.
  4. A child inheriting both forms, which would be fatal at birth.

Charli expressed disappointment at the testing process, which carries a risk of miscarriage. She shared her journey on Instagram, where she has over 300,000 followers. Despite criticism for her choice to have children with these odds, she highlights the complexity of the decision.

Their son, Rip, was born healthy. Charli emphasizes that there’s no one “correct” way to do motherhood and encourages kindness. Her story reminds us that parenting has its challenges and joys, regardless of circumstances.