Diver Develops Film From Camera Found At Bottom Of Sea, Freezes Up When He Sees Face

In a remarkable turn of events, a camera lost in a shipwreck off Vancouver Island’s coast is set to be reunited with its owner, Vancouver artist Paul Burgoyne. The camera, lost in 2012 during the shipwreck of Burgoyne’s boat, the Bootlegger, was discovered two years later by university students conducting research dives.

The camera, found resting 12 meters below the surface, still contained a miraculously operational memory card, allowing for the recovery of cherished photos. Professor Isabelle M. Côté, an expert in Marine Ecology, helped locate Burgoyne by posting a family portrait found among the photos online.

Fortune smiled upon the recovery effort when a member of the Bamfield coast guard station recognized Burgoyne in the photo. This heartening reunion between Burgoyne and his long-lost photos is a testament to the resilience of technology and the unexpected twists of fate.

Among the recovered images were snapshots of a family gathering to scatter his parents’ ashes and a video depicting the turbulent seas his boat faced before the wreck. This extraordinary recovery showcases the enduring power of memories, even from the depths of the ocean.