Doctor Said I’m Pregnant but I Have Not Slept with a Man for 6 Years

A 23-year-old lesbian woman faced a perplexing situation when a pregnancy test came back positive, despite her minimal sexual activity and a female partner. Concerns ranged from cancer to potential sexual assault. Visiting a Tennessee clinic, she was told she was pregnant, triggering panic.

A Reddit update revealed her exploration of possibilities, including a November 2023 encounter at a friend’s house. Fears of sexual assault led her to question her friend’s husband, intensifying her worries. Abortion was not an option in her state.

Further updates disclosed her parents’ support, exploration of cancer concerns, and a hospital visit. An ultrasound couldn’t confirm the pregnancy, leading to laparoscopic surgery. The removal of an immature teratoma tumor clarified the situation, although concerns persisted about its malignancy.

Subsequent updates highlighted confusion about the tumor’s nature, discussions with friends, and medical reassurance. The pathology test results were awaited, and if cancer was confirmed, she would be referred to an oncologist. Continuous pregnancy tests were prescribed, adding a surreal dimension to her experience.

Grateful for the Reddit community’s support, the woman expressed relief at not being pregnant and optimism about treatable cancer if diagnosed. The story underscores the importance of seeking medical advice and emotional support during perplexing health situations.