Dog was severely injured after someone set her on fire — now making a recovery thanks to rescue

A dog in Nixon, Texas suffered severe burns after someone set her on fire. Found crying in pain on a porch, she was rescued by 4 Little Paws, a San Antonio-based organization. Despite her injuries, she showed a gentle nature, earning her the name “Phoenix.”

Ashley Book, the rescue’s medical director, described the heartbreaking condition of the dog, noting her rock-hard skin and evident swelling. Despite losing most of her fur and needing ear amputation, Phoenix displayed remarkable resilience.

4 Little Paws has been providing updates on Phoenix’s recovery, which includes surgeries and skin grafts. Despite the graphic nature of her injuries, donations have poured in, totaling over $46,000 on GoFundMe to cover her treatments.

Phoenix’s progress has been significant: stabilized kidney function, pain management, and allowing her to stay with Ashley Book as a foster. Although she requires more procedures, including eye surgery, Phoenix is receiving care and love in a real home.

Ashley Book expressed her intention to adopt Phoenix permanently, as the dog has captured the hearts of many, including hers. Despite the cruelty she endured, Phoenix’s story serves as a beacon of hope and resilience.