DONALD Trump breaks silence after former first lady Rosalynn Carter’s death

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, known for her support of worthy causes, including mental health research, has passed away at 96. Tributes have poured in from notable figures, including former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Rosalynn’s lifelong journey with her husband, President Jimmy Carter, began when they met as children through a chance encounter involving Jimmy’s mother and a neighbor. Their enduring bond included a White House stint.

Former presidents and first ladies, including the Obamas, Bushes, and Clintons, paid tribute to Rosalynn. Donald Trump expressed, “She was a devoted First Lady, a great humanitarian, a champion for mental health, and a beloved wife to her husband for 77 years, President Carter.”

Melania Trump also offered her condolences, highlighting Rosalynn’s legacy as a devoted wife and mother. Rosalynn Carter’s passing leaves behind a meaningful impact on the nation, a testament to her dedication and service.