Down syndrome baby mocked by trolls for eating birthday cake – let’s show her our support

A father, Scott Gavin, expressed outrage after trolls targeted a video of his daughter, Megan, who has Down syndrome, enjoying her birthday cake. The video, celebrating Megan’s first birthday, received hurtful comments calling her offensive names. Scott, from Merseyside, England, initially felt anger but decided to turn the negative experience into a positive one.

Scott, determined to educate those who engage in such behavior, shared, “I’m going to share the love, and I’ll do that by sharing pictures of Megan.” Despite the hurtful comments, he refused to let them ruin his daughter’s special day.

The online abuse faced by Megan is sadly not uncommon, as Scott highlighted the heartbreaking stories shared by other parents of children with disabilities. He questioned why people perceive those with disabilities differently, expressing his inability to understand such attitudes.

This incident sheds light on the disturbing trend of online bullying, where individuals feel emboldened to make hurtful comments while hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Scott’s decision to respond with love and positivity underscores the need to combat such negativity and promote understanding and acceptance.