‘Dreamy Kids’: Patrick Dempsey Shows off His Twin Sons on Their 17th Birthday

Hollywood heartthrob Patrick Dempsey delighted fans with an Instagram post celebrating the 17th birthday of his twin sons, Darby and Sullivan Dempsey. The actor shared a sweet throwback photo featuring the trio on a couch. Patrick beamed at the camera, while the boys focused on something outside the frame.

Fans flooded the comments, praising the “cute” boys. One admirer called them “fine young men,” while another playfully dubbed them “McDreamy with his dreamy kids.” Patrick’s wife, Jillian, chimed in with love, referring to them as “our little man cubs.”

Born in 2007, the twins made headlines when Patrick, known for “Grey’s Anatomy,” cut their umbilical cords, drawing parallels with the show. The Dempseys also have a daughter, Talula, whom Patrick noted takes great care of her brothers.

In a previous interview, Patrick expressed admiration for his kids’ insights. Darby is passionate about soccer, while Sullivan aspires to be an actor. The actor emphasized the importance of family time, relishing moments together.

Darby’s Striking Resemblance: The Next McDreamy?

A rare red-carpet appearance of the Dempsey family at the “Ferrari” movie premiere had fans swooning over 17-year-old Darby’s striking resemblance to his father. Fans marveled at how Darby, especially on the right side of the photo, looked like Patrick’s clone.

Comments poured in, with one fan exclaiming, “OMG! His son is his clone!” Others dubbed Darby “the next McDreamy,” referencing Patrick’s iconic role on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Patrick, crowned People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive,” shared his amusement at winning the title, expressing gratitude for the recognition at this stage in his life. He anticipated his kids’ teasing about the win, showcasing the lighthearted dynamics within the Dempsey family.