EARLY Symptoms Of Cancer Development In Your Body

Early Signs of Cancer

1. Respiratory Symptoms: A persistent cough, chest pain, or difficulty breathing may be indicative of lung cancer. “Lung cancer patients can have chest pain that travels up their arms and into their shoulders.”

2. Abdominal and Reproductive Issues: Difficulty swallowing can hint at throat or esophageal cancer, while persistent bloating may signal ovarian cancer. Changes like swollen breasts or unusual periods might be warning signs for breast or uterine cancers.

3. Blood and Lymphatic Indicators: Excessive bleeding, bruising, or swollen lymph nodes can suggest leukaemia or other malignancies.

4. Skin and Nail Changes: A non-healing skin blemish may be melanoma, and unusual nail alterations could point to skin or liver cancer.

5. Weight and Other Concerns: Sudden weight loss can indicate digestive or liver cancers, and persistent pain or fullness in the abdomen could be a red flag.

Always consult a healthcare professional about any concerning symptoms.