Tragedy struck the Murphy family as Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s late brother, faced adversity. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Charlie served six years in the military, turning his life around after a troubled youth.

Inspired by his military experience, Charlie ventured into comedy writing, securing a movie deal in 1986, though it remained unproduced. Collaborating with Eddie on the 2007 movie “Norbit” was a highlight, but financial struggles due to a lack of contracts plagued them.

In a devastating turn of events, Charlie succumbed to leukemia in 2017, leaving a void of laughter and love. Eddie and Vernon mourned the loss of their beloved brother.

Vernon Lynch Jr., Eddie and Charlie’s younger brother, initially pursued music but later became a writer, contributing to the 1995 film “Vampire in Brooklyn.”

Vernon now manages his son Brandyn’s boxing career, carrying on a family legacy tied to the sport.