Entitled Parents Use Rude Note To Reserve Public Park For Their Kids’ Party

A couple of “rude and entitled” parents faced criticism for attempting to reserve three public park benches with a note for their child’s fourth birthday party. They adorned the benches with themed tablecloths and left a “passive-aggressive” note instructing others not to use them. Despite no disturbances, many condemned their behavior, calling it selfish and disrespectful of proper reservation protocols.

A photo of the reserved benches sparked a Reddit discussion, with users deeming the parents inconsiderate. The park visitor who shared the image criticized the parents for not considering others, especially since the park had been open for hours. Although the reserved tables remained vacant for about six hours, the arriving party later disrupted parkgoers with loud music.

While no one used the reserved benches, some nearby families protested by setting up blankets. Reddit users debated whether the parents displayed entitlement or a lack of awareness, suggesting the need for someone to wait to secure tables.

Overall, the incident highlights public etiquette in park usage and the importance of considering fellow park visitors.