Experts Warn This Popular New Home Decoration Can Be Very Dangerous

Himalayan salt lamps are trendy home decor items that offer benefits like air purification and sleep improvement. However, experts are cautioning pet owners about potential dangers these lamps pose to animals. While these lamps can help humans, they might not be safe for pets due to their salt content.

Maddie Smith’s cat, Ruby, experienced neurological issues after Maddie bought a Himalayan salt lamp. Ruby held her head strangely, had trouble walking, eating, and using her senses. Ruby’s sodium chloride levels were dangerously high, causing her brain to swell.

The cause was traced to Ruby licking the salt lamp, ingesting excessive sodium. The vet treated Ruby with fluids and potassium, restoring her levels to normal. This incident highlights how seemingly harmless items can be harmful to pets, as animals might be drawn to them.

Veterinarians recommend monitoring pets and ensuring they don’t ingest potentially harmful substances, including those found in unexpected places like salt lamps.