FACTS About Human Blood That We Didn’t Know!!!

The human blood system is intricate and vital to our health, so knowing your blood type and how to maintain heart health is crucial. Here are five fascinating facts about human blood:

  1. Mosquitoes would need to be about 1,120,000 in number to drain a human adult of all their blood.
  2. The heart pumps with such force it could squirt blood a considerable distance. Despite this, one can live without a pulse, as shown by 55-year-old Craig Lewis and Stan Larkin, who survived 555 days awaiting a heart transplant with a device in his backpack.
  3. Humans can endure a loss of 40% of their blood with timely transfusions. Interestingly, heart attack risks spike by 20% on Mondays.
  4. Our blood type influences health risks and traits, with type O being less prone to heart issues and type AB to cognitive impairments. However, blood-type diets have been debunked.
  5. Blood type also relates to personality and athletic ability; type O is associated with better endurance and is common among elite athletes, while in Japan, it’s believed to affect success in work and relationships.

Always remember to start your day gently and ease evening exercises to minimize heart attack risks.