‘Families don’t have to match’ – Black couple share their journey to adopting three white children

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson faced years of struggle trying to conceive, going through various methods and even weight loss surgery to improve their chances. After doctors offered little help, they resigned themselves to the idea of being aunt and uncle. However, a text from a friend changed everything, leading them to consider fostering a baby, which ultimately turned into an adoption opportunity.

Their journey took an unexpected turn when the birth mother decided to allow them to adopt the baby instead of just fostering. The couple experienced a whirlwind of emotions, from disbelief to excitement, as they prepared to become parents practically overnight.

Their baby boy, Ezra Lee, was born prematurely but brought immense joy to their lives. The couple’s social media announcement led to an outpouring of support, with numerous items bought from their registry within days.

In a beautiful continuation of their family journey, Sadie and Jarvis later became parents to twin girls, Journee and Destinee, through embryo donation. Their family, comprised of children of different races, is a testament to the power of love and acceptance. They proudly proclaim that their family is built on the foundation of love, regardless of any judgments others may pass.