Family fostered a 12-year-old boy that nobody wants – But soon they realized who he really is

Recent data from the Children’s Bureau highlights the plight of children in foster care, with approximately 424,000 nationwide and nearly 8,000 in Tennessee awaiting reunification or adoption. Among them was 12-year-old Andrew from Nashville, who had experienced multiple placements until finding a loving foster family with the Gills.

Kevin and Dominique Gill, along with their son Joc, welcomed Andrew into their home, where he quickly bonded with Joc. Recognizing their close friendship, the Gills decided to make it official by filing for adoption.

Andrew was pleasantly surprised when, during a walk in the park with Molly Parker from Youth Villages, he learned of his impending adoption. Overjoyed, he eagerly accepted the proposal, exclaiming, “I just turned around the corner and saw everybody. They asked ‘will you?’ and I said ‘yeah!’”

The Gills’ decision to adopt Andrew reflects the profound impact of familial bonds and the transformative power of love and acceptance. Andrew’s journey from foster care to adoption highlights the importance of supportive families and the potential for every child to find a forever home where they are cherished and valued.