Family Gathers for Old Businessman’s Funeral, Is Shocked as They Hear His Voice Emerge from the Coffin – Story of the Day

Detective Scott attends his friend Charles’s funeral, only to discover Charles suspected foul play in his death. A recording from the coffin reveals Charles believed one of his heirs would murder him for financial gain. Charles tasks Scott with finding the killer before the will is read, offering a reward.

Investigating, Scott finds Sarin, a deadly poison, in Carl’s car. However, skeptical of the neatness of the case, he keeps the Sarin details confidential. After scrutinizing evidence and questioning Lydia, Charles’s daughter, Scott uncovers a hidden agenda. Lydia knew about the Sarin, misled the police, and had spare keys to Carl’s car. She manipulated events to frame her brother for Charles’s murder.

In the will reading, Lydia is exposed as the killer, arrested, and her inheritance forfeited. The inheritance now goes to Travis and Carl, and Scott receives a reward for solving the case. The unraveling of the truth, however, comes at a cost – a family torn apart by greed and betrayal.

This condensed version emphasizes the investigation, discovery of the real killer, and the consequences of greed, streamlining the narrative while maintaining the key elements of the story.