Family Told To Pull The Plug On Brain Dead Teen, Then One Man Pays Her A Visit

Brain-dead teenager, Taylor Hale, faced a dire prognosis after a serious accident left her comatose at 14. Following a playful incident where Taylor and a friend clung to a moving car, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. Seven days in a medically induced coma offered little hope, and a subsequent brain hemorrhage pushed her condition to a “point of no return.”

Photo Credit: KCCI via Daily Mail, Facebook via Daily Mail

Medical experts advised her parents to prepare for organ donation and a funeral. In this dire moment, a devout family friend, Jeff Stickel, a chiropractor, felt called by God to pray for Taylor’s recovery. Skeptical but desperate, her parents allowed him to pray.

To everyone’s astonishment, Taylor began showing signs of improvement shortly after life support was removed. Her brain activity surged, her eyelids fluttered, and she attempted speech. Her father, Chuck, attributed this miraculous turn of events to “the hand of God.”

Taylor faced a challenging recovery but ultimately graduated from high school and planned to study event planning at a community college, acknowledging, “God did most of the saving.”